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Does it Snow in China? A Chinese Winter Overview

Winter in China is a time of serenity and beauty. It is the time for snowfall and festivities. Does it snow in China? How often does it snow in China? In this blog, we will answer these questions and more. We will also provide a yearly weather overview of China so that you can plan your winter travel accordingly.


Does it Snow in China?

When it comes to snow, China is a bit of an enigma. On one hand, it can snow at any time of year – be it summer or winter! However, when it does snow in Beijing, the city transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland. The snowflakes fall gently down from the sky, twinkling like stars in the light of the setting sun. It’s a truly amazing experience that you don’t want to miss! So, be sure to pack your heavy winter coat and prepare for the snow when you visit China!

How Often Does It Snow in China?

Are you curious about snowfall in China? Well, you’re in luck! China is a landmass surrounded by water, which means that weather conditions can change rapidly. This means that the snowfall in China can be sporadic and vary from region to region. As of now, the snowfall in China is usually observed from December to March, although there is no set pattern. In the event of any advisories or updates issued by the Chinese Meteorological Administration (CMA), be sure to check out their website for the most up-to-date information.

Where Does it Snow the Most in China?

Winter is coming to China, and with it comes snow! Turns out, the country has a lot of snowfall – even during the summer months. The highest snowfall rates are found in mountainous regions like Tibet and Guangxi. Beijing has had a lot of snowstorms this winter, with up to 34 inches of snow on the ground at one point! Make sure you have your heavy winter coat (and gloves!) packed when you go to China this year, as the snow might be a little too heavy for you to manage without them!

1. Beijing


Beijing is one of the most populous cities in the world with over 20 million people living in the city proper. It experiences an average of 134 cm of snow annually, making it one of the coldest and snowiest cities in all of China. Other major Chinese cities that get a lot of snowfall are Shanghai (106 cm), Shenzhen (93 cm) and Guangzhou (85 cm). Even though winter may be tough for some, there are plenty fun activities to do during this time including skiing, skating, tobogganing etc. Make sure you pack your winter gear well ahead so you can enjoy the weather while staying safe!

2. Jiuzhaigou National Park


Jiuzhaigou National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth and its snow-covered peaks are a sight to behold. Blessed with an annual average temperature of around -3 degrees Celsius, this park is perfect for those who love cold weather conditions. The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou National Park is between December and March when the snowfall tends to be abundant. However, keep in mind that it gets really cold there so make sure you pack appropriately for the season! And if scamming foreign tourists isn’t your cup of tea, be warned – this place can be quite treacherous during winter months due to heavy snowfalls and strong winds.

3. Zhong Guo Xue Xiang ‘Home of Snow’


China is known as the ‘Home of Snow’, and for good reason. This country experiences an abundant snowfall that covers everything from the north-east to south-west regions. The most popular areas for snowfall are in the north-east, central and south-west parts of China – all of which have around 300 days of annual snowfall!

4. Harbin, China


If you’re looking for a place that’s perfectly suited for winter sports, look no further than Harbin, in Heilongjiang province of China. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, the city averages 350 cm (13 feet) of snow per year – making it one of the snowiest places on earth! While temperatures can dip below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), an extra layer is always advisable during Chinese New Year when Harbin experiences notorious White Christmas season. Make the most out of this amazing city by planning your trip well in advance and enjoy some unforgettable memories!

5. Xiling Snow Mountain


Xiling Snow Mountain is the highest peak in China that regularly experiences snowfall. It is located in the Tibet Autonomous Region, making it one of the country’s most secret and inaccessible regions. For those brave enough to make the trip, Xiling Snow Mountain offers a unique experience – with its extreme cold weather conditions and stunning views of the Himalayas. Although it can be quite challenging to get there, once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made the effort!

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Ski Resorts in China

Snowfall in China

The ski resorts in China are a great way to experience this difference for yourself. Rates for skiing vary depending on the resort you choose, but they’re usually quite affordable. Make sure to book your trip well in advance as some resorts tend to be sold out quickly! Be prepared for blizzards and sub-zero temperatures – Chinese winters are definitely different from American ones!

# Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort

Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort

If you’re looking for a ski resort that offers something for everyone, look no further than Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort. Located in the heart of China’s beautiful Northeast region, this top pick is perfect for skiing enthusiasts of all levels. There are plenty of activities on offer such as skiing, snowboarding and ski touring – making it the ideal destination no matter what your interests may be.

For those who want to kick back and enjoy the slopes without having to worry about anything else, there are also plenty of accommodation options available including basic cabins to luxurious villas and penthouses. In addition to all this amazing scenery, what more could you ask for? So if winter sports are your thing – be sure to add Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort to your list!

# Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort

Jilin Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort is a great place to ski in China. It offers a variety of skiing options, from alpine skiing to downhill racing. Plus, it has an impressive snowboard park that’s perfect for beginners. There are also plenty of facilities on site – shops, restaurants etcetera – making it the perfect destination for families or groups of friends. The resort is well-equipped with modern amenities and provides a great ski experience at an affordable price.

# Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin)

Beidah Ski Resort (Jilin)

Looking for an excellent ski resort that will provide a great experience for both beginners and experts alike? Look no further than Beidahu Ski Resort in Jilin province, China. With slopes that are groomed daily, you can be assured of a smooth ride every time you hit the snow. Plus, there’s plenty of other activities on offer such as snowboarding and skiing which means there’s always something to do! If weather conditions back home are anything like they currently are where you live, then escaping the cold might just be worth it!

# Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort (Jilin)

Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort (Jilin)

Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort is a well-maintained ski resort that sits at an elevation of 2,055 meters above sea level. The resort has a total of 18 lifts which can carry skiers and snowboarders to the top of the ski slopes. There are three main ski resorts in Jilin – Vanke, Xinlian and Jiamei – which makes it easy for visitors to find the right spot for their skiing or snowboarding needs. Facilities at Vanke Lake Songhua Ski Resort include restaurants, hotels, pistes for skiing and snowboarding as well as a kids’ area.

The Coldest Places in China

Chinese winter is a season of extremes. From the coldest places in China to snowfall in the mountains, it can be a challenging time to be a foreigner in China. There are many cold places in China, but the three coldest areas are Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Inner Mongolia. These areas are all located in the north of the country and experience very cold winters.

Best Time to Travel China in The Winter

Winter is the perfect time to travel to China. Not only is the weather milder, but the country is bustling with tourists and the traffic is usually lighter. If you’re looking for a break from the cold, consider visiting during the winter months. Keep in mind that temperatures can be quite cold at night, so be sure to pack the right clothes and accessories. For those who want to stay warm, consider investing in a coat or scarf!

Yearly Weather Overview of China

Snowfall in China is not a rare phenomenon, and in fact, it can be quite common in some parts of the country. In general, the coldest months are January and February, while the hottest months are July and August. Autumn is typically milder than other seasons, but snow does occasionally fall in Beijing or Shanghai during this time of year. Although temperatures can drop below freezing at night, there is usually enough precipitation throughout winter to keep things moist and comfortable indoors. So, whether you’re a snow lover or not, winter in China is definitely not a season to be afraid of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it snow in Shanghai?

Yes, snow does fall in Shanghai! In fact, it snows almost every month during winter. The average amount of snow that falls in Shanghai is about 36 cm. Although the streets are plowed and salted regularly, sometimes accidents do happen and sidewalks can turn into slippery quagmires. However, there are public transport options available for those who want to avoid getting stuck on the roads.

How much does it snow in China

In China, snowfall occurs on average every year and the amount of snow can vary greatly depending on the region. For example, according to the Chinese Meteorological Administration, an average of 350-500 mm (13.97-19.69 inches) of snow falls annually in China. In Beijing, an average of 2256 mm (87 inches) of snow has fallen since 1952; Shanghai gets a total annual amount that ranges from 1100 to 3000 mm (42 – 108 inches).

What is winter like in Northern China?

Winters in Northern China can be long, cold and snowy. The temperature can drop below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) at night, and snowfall can last for weeks on end. Chinese winters are typified by heavy snowfalls that cover the ground for weeks on end. Despite the inconvenience of winter weather, many people find beauty and serenity in a white landscape.


So, does it snow in China during the winter? The answer is… it depends. In the major cities, it doesn’t snow during the winter – at least not officially. However, there are many places in China that experience a cold and snowy winter season. With so much variation from city to city, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to knowing what to expect during Chinese winter. Be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions this time of year, including frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall. So, no matter where you are in China, be sure to check the weather forecast regularly and be prepared for the unexpected!

Make sure you are properly prepared before heading out; winter weather in China can be extremely dangerous. Make sure that you have all the necessary gear including adequate clothing and boots, as well as food and water supplies in case of bad weather conditions.

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