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Christmas in China: Celebrating Traditions and Unique Festivities

Merry Christmas in China

As the enchanting Christmas season spreads its magic worldwide, we set forth on a captivating journey to discover the unparalleled and lively festivities that grace the Middle Kingdom. Though rooted in Christian traditions, Christmas in China has gracefully evolved, harmonizing with the nation’s diverse cultural landscape and historical connections to the world.

In this blog, we will unravel the fascinating tale of Christmas’ journey to China, witnessing how different communities have embraced and enriched this joyous occasion with their unique customs. Delight in the extraordinary blend of Western traditions and Chinese influences has formed a distinctive Chinese Christmas experience, making this celebration genuinely unique.

The Emergence of Christmas in China

The Emergence of Christmas in China

The emergence of Christmas in China traces back to historical interactions with the West and the introduction of Christianity to the nation. Although rooted in Christian traditions, its adaptation in China has led to a distinct cultural amalgamation that reflects the country’s unique identity.

Early Christian Missionaries

Early Christian Missionaries

Early Christian missionaries notably impacted China, arriving during the Tang and Yuan dynasties. Western religious customs, such as the observance of Christmas, were introduced to the region through their presence.

European Settlements and Concessions

European Settlements and Concessions

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, European powers established settlements and concessions in Chinese cities. These foreign communities celebrated Christmas as part of their religious and cultural practices. As a result, Christmas began to gain some visibility and acceptance among the local Chinese population.

Influence of Western Education

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Western-style education began to take root in China, with missionary schools and institutions playing a pivotal role. As part of their curriculum, these schools introduced Christmas festivities, leading to the gradual familiarity of Christmas among educated Chinese elites.

Christmas as a Symbol of Modernity

Christmas as a Symbol of Modernity in China

Christmas transformed during the early 20th century, extending its implications beyond religious observance. It represented modernity, advancement, and receptiveness to the world beyond borders. In vibrant urban hubs like Shanghai, the festival acquired a fashionable and cosmopolitan allure, gaining widespread popularity among the city’s inhabitants.

The Celebration of Christmas in Modern China

Christmas has become widely popular in contemporary China, even among non-Christian groups. Although not an official public holiday, the festive essence of Christmas has spread throughout urban regions, shopping centers, and schools nationwide. The modern Chinese celebration of Christmas is a fascinating blend of Western influences and traditional customs, resulting in a unique and vibrant experience both locals and visitors enjoy.

Commercial Aspects

Commercial Aspects at the Christmas in China

The commercialization of Christmas is a prominent feature in modern China. Shopping malls, department stores, and streets are adorned with festive decorations, colorful lights, and Christmas-themed displays. Retailers leverage the holiday season to entice consumers with exclusive sales, discounts, and promotions.

Western-Style Celebrations

Western-Style Celebrations

Many urban centers in China organize Western-style Christmas events and activities. Christmas gatherings, shows, and philanthropic functions have gained popularity, allowing individuals to unite, mingle, and relish the joyous ambiance.

Church Services

In urban locales with notable Christian communities, churches host distinctive services and ceremonies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These gatherings draw both Christians and non-Christians eager to partake in the traditional religious elements of the holiday.

Santa Claus and Gift-Giving

Santa Claus and Gift-Giving

The figure of Santa Claus, known as “Sheng dan lao ren” (圣诞老人) in Chinese, plays a central role in Christmas celebrations. Children look forward to receiving gifts from Santa Claus, and many families exchange presents during Christmas gatherings.

Christmas Trees and Decorations

Christmas Trees and Decorations

The custom of embellishing Christmas trees has been steadily gaining popularity in China. Residences, shopping centers, and public areas are now adorned with various decorations, including ornaments, lights, and tinsel. Recently, environmentally mindful options such as indoor potted plants and artificial trees have become popular.

Chinese Christmas Traditions and Customs

The “Peaceful Evening” (Ping’an Ye) Tradition

The "Peaceful Evening" (Ping'an Ye) Tradition

On Christmas Eve, families and friends come together for a special dinner known as “Ping’an Ye” or “Peaceful Evening.” The dinner typically includes a variety of dishes, with Chinese favorites like dumplings, noodles, and hotpot being common choices. ‘Tis the season for cherished ones to come together, relishing each other’s presence and pondering the significance of familial bonds amidst the holiday season.

The “Giving Apples” Custom

The "Giving Apples" Custom

In some parts of China, particularly in schools and universities, exchanging apples as gifts on Christmas Eve is customary. This practice is inspired by the similar pronunciation of “Christmas Eve” (Ping’an Ye) and the Chinese word for apple, “pingo” (苹果), making it a play on words for wishing peace and safety.

Light Festivals and Lantern Displays

Light Festivals and Lantern Displays

Light displays and lantern festivals are prevalent during Christmas, especially in tourist areas and major cities. These vibrant displays showcase elaborate illuminations, adding a magical touch to the festive ambiance and enhancing the spirit of celebration.

Christmas in Chinese Schools and Universities

Christmas is a unique and intriguing cultural event in Chinese schools and universities rather than a religious holiday. Although Christianity remains a minority religion in China, Christmas has increased in popularity as a festive occasion, allowing people to embrace and celebrate aspects of Western culture.

Festive Decorations

Festive Decorations

Schools and universities often sparkle with vibrant Christmas decorations, like twinkling fairy lights, wreaths, and festive Christmas trees. These adornments infuse the surroundings with joy and create a cheerful holiday ambiance that embodies the season’s spirit.

Themed Events and Activities

Themed Events and Activities

Many schools and universities organize themed events and activities around Christmas. These may include Christmas concerts, talent shows, art exhibitions, and drama performances. Students eagerly participate, showcasing their creativity and talents.

Christmas Workshops

Christmas Workshops

Educational institutions may arrange workshops that allow students to engage in various Christmas-related activities. These workshops can involve making Christmas cards, crafting decorations, or baking traditional Western treats like cookies and cakes.

Charity and Giving

Christmas is commonly linked with acts of compassion and generosity, prompting schools to motivate students to engage in philanthropic endeavors during this season. Collaborative initiatives such as fundraisers, donation drives, and community service projects aim to assist those less fortunate.

Unique Chinese Christmas Festivities

Certainly! Chinese Christmas festivities blend Western influences and local customs, creating a unique and enchanting celebration.

Christmas Caroling with Chinese Songs

Christmas Caroling with Chinese Songs

Christmas caroling is a popular activity during the festive season. While classic Western carols are sung, you might also hear Chinese versions of these songs or carols inspired by Chinese folk tunes, adding a delightful local touch to the tradition.

Charity and Community Involvement

Christmas is a time for giving and charitable activities. Many organizations, communities, and businesses engage in charitable events, donating to the less fortunate or organizing activities for underprivileged children.

Christmas Markets and Bazaars

Christmas Markets and Bazaars

Christmas markets and bazaars in larger cities offer various festive goods, decorations, and traditional delicacies. These markets provide a vibrant platform for locals and visitors to soak in the festive atmosphere and shop for Christmas souvenirs.

Exchanging Red Packets (红包 – hóngbāo)

The tradition of giving red packets filled with money, typically associated with Chinese New Year, has also entered Chinese Christmas celebrations. Families and friends may exchange red packets as a gesture of good luck and blessings during the festive season.

Christmas in Different Chinese Regions

Christmas in different Chinese regions showcases a beautiful tapestry of cultural diversity and regional customs, as each area infuses the holiday with its unique traditions and practices.

Shanghai and Urban Centers

Shanghai and Urban Centers at the Christmas in China

In bustling metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Christmas has gained significant popularity among the younger generation and expatriate communities. The streets are adorned with glittering lights and festive decorations, and shopping malls come alive with elaborate displays and Christmas sales. Churches hold special services, and lively Christmas parties are organized in various venues.

Beijing and Northern China

Beijing and Northern China at the Christmas in China

The northern regions of China have a colder climate during the winter months, which adds a unique charm to Christmas celebrations. In Beijing, traditional Chinese elements are often blended with Western customs. You can find Christmas markets selling local and international goods, and families gather to enjoy special meals featuring roasted duck, dumplings, and other regional delicacies.

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Hong Kong and Southern China

Hong Kong and Southern China at the Christmas in China

Hong Kong, an international city with a diverse population, embraces Christmas enthusiastically. The cityscape dazzles with sparkling lights, and shopping districts like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay transform into dazzling winter wonderlands. Caroling and various outdoor events add to the festive atmosphere.

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Christmas in Macau

In Macau, a former Portuguese colony, Christmas is celebrated with a mix of Portuguese and Chinese customs. Streets are decorated with lights and ornaments, and churches hold Midnight Mass, attracting locals and tourists.


Christmas in Taiwan

In Taiwan, Christmas may not be an official public holiday, but it remains enthusiastically celebrated by numerous Taiwanese, particularly in urban regions. The festive spirit permeates the atmosphere as shopping malls exude lavish decorations and host captivating Christmas-themed events and concerts. Families come together to exchange gifts, while young couples embrace the occasion as a perfect opportunity for romantic dates.


As our enchanting exploration of “Christmas in China” draws to a close, we embrace the splendor of cultural exchange and the timeless essence of the holiday season. From bustling urban centers to serene countryside settings, the enchanting allure of Christmas fosters unity among communities, spreading happiness, benevolence, and a shared sense of jubilation throughout this remarkable country.

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