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Dreaming About Cats: Uncovering The Dreaming Meanings According To Chinese Theory

People who dream about cats often find the experience extremely vivid and emotionally charged. Dreams of cats can range from pleasant encounters with beloved pets to distressing situations where the dreamer is being attacked by a cat or witnessing the death of a cat. Some dreams of cats are so real that people feel they are encountering the animals in their dream, while others are symbolic representations of emotions or situations in their lives. Dreaming about cats can have different meanings and significance depending on whether the dreamer is an owner of a cat or simply an observer of cats, the appearance and behavior of the cat in the dream, and whether the cat is alive or dead. Read on to uncover different meanings and symbolism behind dreaming of cats, per Chinese dream interpretation theory.

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Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory 

The Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory is a centuries-old practice that believes dreams are a reflection of our subconscious and can offer insight into the future. Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory suggests that dreams are a window into the subconscious mind. Practically speaking, that means dreams can provide valuable insight into your own psyche and help you navigate life’s challenges with greater awareness and sensitivity.  

In Chinese culture, many people believe that dreaming of water represents wealth, while dreaming of fire symbolizes danger or destruction. Additionally, some common symbols like animals and plants can have specific meanings depending on their type or color. Ultimately, the Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory provides an interesting way to look at the world around us and gain a greater understanding of our lives.

General Meanings of Dreaming about Cats

According to Chinese culture, dreaming about cats indicates a variety of meanings. It can symbolize good luck, protection from harm, or spiritual energy. It may also be a sign that you are feeling anxious or threatened. A dream of a black cat could indicate bad luck or that someone is trying to frighten you. A dream of a white cat could represent good luck and protection from harm. In some cases, it could also symbolize being in balance and at peace with your life and the world around you. If you dream of two cats together, it may be an indication that two conflicting aspects of yourself are coming together. Besides these symbols and meanings, cats in dreams can also represent friendship or companionship.

If you notice any of the above in your dream, there is no need to be alarmed or panic. Instead, you should view the dream as something positive and reassuring.

Dream Meanings for Colored Cats in Dreams

In dream interpretation, a black cat symbolizes mystery and hidden knowledge. A black cat can also represent a balanced state of mind. Additionally, it can represent determination and ambition.

Gray cats stand for rationality, equality, and neutrality in life. Finally, calico cats symbolize emotional stability and patience.

Based on Chinese dream symbolism, a tabby cat is a sign of determination and ambition. In terms of dream interpretation, these symbols have deep meanings that span generations and cultures.

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Meanings of Dreams of Kittens or Small Cats

Inside a dream of kittens or small cats, there are so many meanings that it can be overwhelming for anyone to decide on the exact interpretation of them. However, one of the most common meanings of dreams of kittens or small cats is good luck and fortune coming your way. This could signify that you are on the right track in life and should not stop pursuing your goals.

Another interpretation is that it signifies a new beginning or new start. This could signal that things will turn out well for you in the future. Another interpretation of dreams of kittens or small cats is a need for protection in life. This could mean you need to secure your safety and feel more secure after difficult times.

Lastly, dreams of kittens or small cats indicate being too independent or going solo too often. This could mean that you are not taking any risks and should try to take more risks in life.

Even with all these interpretations, there is no specific meaning for a dream of kittens or small cats, which makes it hard to decide on the interpretation of it.

Meanings for Dreams of Sick Cats or Dead Cats

A dream of a sick cat can symbolize your own physical health and well-being. In Chinese dream interpretation, sick cats can be seen as a metaphor for how you are feeling physically and mentally. As such, they could be a sign that you need to take care of yourself and make sure you are healthy and happy.

If you have a dream of a dead cat in your dreams, it could mean bad luck or some hidden threat. The dead cat in the dream could also represent an enemy, perhaps someone who is harming you. On the positive side, the dream of cats in cages could signify feeling trapped in a situation or being unable to escape from something negative. Seeing many cats in your dreams could be a sign of coming prosperity as it suggests good luck and good fortune.

Meanings for Dreaming about Cat Attacks

A dream of being attacked by a cat could symbolize repressed anger or anxiety. The dream of being overwhelmed by a group of cats could symbolize feeling overwhelmed. A dream of being attacked by many cats can signify someone taking advantage of you somehow. A dream of being attacked by a cat may also suggest that something bad is about to happen to you.

Moreover, dreaming about cats attacking you could signify someone taking advantage of you in some way.

In case the dream refers to someone controlling you, it could be an impression of someone trying to control your life or situation negatively.

A dream of being attacked by many cats can also mean that you are feeling fearful or helpless and unable to stop what is happening to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did cats get into Chinese culture?

The relationship between cats and China dates back centuries, with the earliest evidence of cats in the country dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE). Cats were believed to be imported to China from India and other parts of Asia, and the Chinese held them in high regard. They kept them as pets and even worshipped them, believing them to symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Throughout Chinese folklore and mythology, cats were often associated with good luck and fortune. Even today, cats are still regarded as auspicious creatures, so it’s no surprise that they play such a huge role in modern Chinese culture.

How to Interpret Your Dreams?

Interpreting dreams can be a tricky business, but understanding your dreamscape can provide great insight into your subconscious. One of the oldest dream interpretations is based on Chinese dream theory, which suggests that cats in dreams represent protection and good luck. If a cat appears in your dream, think about what it might be saying about your life or current situation.

Pay close attention to the environment and how the cat interacts with you. Dream interpretation is an art, but with some practice, you may be able to interpret dreams more accurately. Think of symbols and objects that appear in the dream and try to make connections with real-life events and scenarios. Consider also the emotions that appear in the dream and ask yourself what these might be communicating about your life today.

How can I use these meanings to interpret dreaming about cats?

Dreaming about cats can often have powerful meanings depending on the context and interpretation. According to Chinese dream theory, cats represent intelligence, cunning, and mystery. This type of dream could suggest that you’re tapping into your own inner wisdom or intuition in order to make a crucial life decision.

Pay attention to the actions of the cat in your dream, as they may offer insight into your personal situation. For instance, if the cat appears angry or hostile in your dream, it could represent a struggle within yourself. You may be dealing with conflicting emotions or thoughts in daily life.

Overall, the interpretation of dreams involving cats will depend on the specific dream scenario and how it relates to your life. Take some time to reflect on the dream in detail and see what message it might bring to light.


In summary, dream interpretation in Chinese culture is a science and an art. Dream interpretation relies on the dreamer’s life history, personality traits, and current circumstances. The meanings of dreams are often symbolic, with cats representing luck, good fortune, and prosperity. If you dream of a cat attacking you, it may indicate negative influences on your life. However, if you dream of a cat giving birth to kittens or small kittens or kittens playing around you, it signifies good luck and fortune. Thus, it is essential to understand the meaning of dreams through the context of one’s life and the symbolism behind them.

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