History of Tang Dynasty Clothing for Man & Woman

Tang Dynasty Clothing

Tang Dynasty clothing for men and women has a long and fascinating history. From the elaborate robes worn by men to the delicate clothing worn by women, this time period was rife with style.

Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) was a time of great change and transformation, marking the beginning of the Middle Ages in China. During the Tang Dynasty, men’s and women’s clothing underwent a number of changes. We’ll take a look at in this article.

We’ll explore how traditional Chinese clothing for women changed during the Tang Dynasty, as well as how clothing for men evolved. By understanding these changes, you’ll be better prepared to dress stylishly in contemporary Chinese fashion!

Different Styles of Clothing for Tang Man & Woman

Men’s Formal Gown Fashion in Tang Dynasty

Men’s formal gowns in Tang Dynasty Chinese traditional dress were typically made from a single piece of fabric that was sewn together in the middle to create two panels. The back panel was usually longer than the front and had decorative embroidery or symbols sewn onto it. The sleeves were often wide and long, and they could be decorated with buttons, cords or tassels. In addition to being fashionable, these gowns also served as a form of status symbol for those who wore them.

Tang Dynasty men’s formal gowns featured bright colors and elaborate patterns inspired by nature such as flowers, birds and animals. These designs were often printed on silk fabrics which provided additional shine to the gowns.

Regular Uses Clothing for Man

The typical outfit for men during that time consisted of a long robe with wide sleeves. The robes were most often made from linen or cotton fabrics and sometimes decorated with intricate embroidery. Over the robe, a belt or sash would be worn to keep it snugly fastened at the waist. Leggings or trousers were also worn underneath the long robe to provide warmth and protection from the elements. Footwear varied depending on one’s occupation; wealthy merchants might wear cloth slippers while farmers often went barefoot or wore straw sandals.

Women’s Clothing (Flat-fitting Collar)

The Women’s Flat-fitting Collar Banbi Hanfu Set in the Tang Dynasty was a traditional Chinese attire that was popular among women of all ages during this period. This traditional dress was said to be designed with a flat-fitting collar and a deep, navy-blue color. The robe also featured an embroidered pattern on its lower half along with long sleeves that reached down to the floor.

This type of Hanfu gown showcased the grace and sophistication of Chinese culture during the Tang Dynasty period. It allowed for ample air circulation as well as protection from wind and sun exposure due to its long loose-fitted robes. Furthermore, it was made out of high-quality silk fabric which added to its elegance and comfort for those who wore it. With such features, it is no wonder why this particular Hanfu set became so popular at the time!

Women’s Clothing (Chest Ruqun Dress)

The women’s chest ruqun dress of the Tang Dynasty was a garment that is renowned for its beauty and glamour. It was worn by ladies of all social classes during this era and has since become one of the most iconic examples of fashion in Chinese history.

The design of this dress relied heavily on intricate stitching, detailed embroidery, and beautiful patterning to create a look that was both elegant and sophisticated. The silhouette featured an A-line with an overlapping front collar and long, wide sleeves. Its fabric was often made from silk or satin which gave off a luxurious sheen when it caught the light. In addition to these features, the garment also had loose ribbons or ties at different points along its hemline which could be used for decoration or to adjust the fit as needed.

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Unique Features of Tang Dynasty Clothing

The Tang Dynasty is one of the most influential dynasties in Chinese history, and their clothing style has been a source of inspiration for modern fashion. During this era, unique design features were developed that set it apart from other dynasties. Here are some of the most distinctive features of Tang Dynasty Chinese traditional dress, particularly as worn by men.

One of the first things to note about Tang Dynasty clothing is that it was designed to be comfortable and practical. The fabrics used were lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot weather or strenuous activities such as riding horses or hunting. These garments often included wide sleeves, which allowed for freedom of movement while still providing protection against the elements. Furthermore, they could be layered easily depending on the season and occasion.

Here are unique features for color, material, pattern, and designs of tang people clothing.

Color on Their Clothing

Color also played a major role in Tang Dynasty clothing design. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) was a period of great cultural and economic development in China. During this time, the clothing worn by people of all classes was highly ornamental and colorful. But did color play a major role in Tang Dynasty clothing?

Historians believe that colors were used to represent high rank during the dynasty. Members of the imperial court would often wear clothing with five colors: yellow, red, blue, white, and black. These colors were chosen for their association with different elements. Yellow for earth, red for fire, blue for water and wood, white for metal, and black for water. All representing the essential elements of Chinese cosmology at that time.

Additionally, certain colors were also associated with genders. Such as yellow being worn by men and red being worn by women – as well as religious beliefs.


Clothing during this period had to be strong and durable yet aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, the Tang dynasty used a variety of fabrics to create their garments.

Men’s clothing during the Tang dynasty was made from linen or hemp fabric. These fabrics were chosen for their durability as well as their ability to keep cool in hot weather. Additionally, men of higher social classes often wore silk robes embroidered with intricate patterns which symbolized their status and wealth. Women’s clothing was also made from various fabrics including silk and cotton. Silk pieces were mostly reserved for upper-class women who wore long gowns with wide sleeves which depicted great beauty and sophistication at that time.

Pattern & Designs of Tang People Cloths

Tang people have a long and storied history, stretching back to the 7th century AD. As such, their clothing is steeped in tradition and significance. Tang people’s clothes feature elaborate patterns and designs that reflect their rich cultural heritage. The most iconic design of Tang people’s clothes is the dragon pattern, which has been used for hundreds of years on everything from robes to banners.

The dragon pattern is characterized by its bold use of vibrant colors and intricate details. It often features mythical creatures like dragons or phoenixes, as well as symbols that represent good luck or prosperity. Other popular patterns include geometric shapes like squares or circles, as well as floral motifs inspired by nature. These patterns are usually combined with vivid shades of red, blue, yellow and green to create dazzling displays of visual beauty.

Jewelry and Accessories

During the Tang centuries, intricate jewelry and accessories for both men and women were crafted with incredible skill. These pieces represented the highest level of artistry of the period, featuring vibrant colors and exquisite designs that still captivate viewers today.

Tang man jewelry often featured jade ornaments such as rings, hairpins, earrings and necklaces. They also wore ornamental belts to signify their status or rank within society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Tang Dynasty like?

The Tang Dynasty was a time of great social and political change in China. The empire thrived for 200 years, transforming from an agrarian economy to a major world power.

What were the main clothing styles during the Tang Dynasty?

The clothing styles during the Tang Dynasty were similar to those of the previous Sui Dynasty, with men wearing robes and women wearing robes and blouses. The most important difference was that silk replaced hemp as a more affordable fabric.

What are some of the most popular Tang Dynasty clothing items?

Some of the most popular clothing items during the Tang Dynasty were robes, blouses, and shoes.


The Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) was a period of immense progress and prosperity in China. It was during this period that Chinese clothing saw a dramatic change from traditional styles of the previous dynasties to more elaborate designs. For both men and women, clothing during this dynasty served not only as a means of protection against the elements but also as an expression of individual status and wealth.

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